About AMIGA Summer Schools

About the AMIGA Summer Schools

Two Summer Schools are organised within the framework of AMIGA project to coincide with the cultivation of the specific GM crops.

The Summer Schools will take place in the regions of the experimental test fields and will last one week each. The content will address early-career researchers (i.e under-/post-graduate students, post-docs) in the field of environmental risk assessment (ERA).

They will be composed of a series of content-specific lectures provided by AMIGA consortium with the task of providing an overview of the fundamentals of ERA for GM cropping. Specifically, attendees will receive training in designing, executing and analysing small scale field trials (e.g. including conformity with EFSA guidance) and applying problem formulation as a strategy for ERA. Other sessions will be practically based so that attendees are exposed to the principles of ERA in an open field situation. Material will also be provided during the courses and participants will have the opportunity to follow case-by-case study and experience practical work.

Please note that within the AMIGA project a financial provision exists to offset travel costs incurred by some students. A determination on how much is available per attendee will be made after the closing date for registration. Please, note that two of such grants will be reserved for students from Argentina in the framework of the EU-Argentina twinning program.

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