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AMIGA project at its last stage in the study of Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of GM plants

After three years of activities and fields studies, the AMIGA project will meet with stakeholders to disclose significant outcome of the project on the 30th of October at the ENEA premises in Brussels.

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Positive feedback from the first AMIGA Summer School on Environmental Risk Assessment

Selected early-career researchers, coming from different EU and non-EU countries, gathered in Carlow, Ireland, to participate to the first AMIGA Summer School organised by Teagasc and Minerva Communication.

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AMIGA partners published a new paper on ‘Ecology and Evolution’

AMIGA partners Paul W. Goedhart, Hilko van der Voet (Biometris, Plant Research International DLO, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands), Ferdinando Baldacchino and Salvatore Arpaia (ENEA, Italy) have jointly developed the paper “A statistical simulation model for field testing of non-target organisms in environmental risk assessment of genetically modified plants”, which has been released on Ecology and Evolution on March, 14 2014.

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AMIGA project coordinator, Dr. Salvatore Arpaia, from ENEA, and the deputy coordinator, Dr. Antoine Messean, from INRA, are glad to welcome journalists to a project dedicated press conference on the 25th of June 2013.

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First results of the AMIGA project to be presented around Europe

In the next months the coordinator of AMIGA project, Dr Salvatore Arpaia, project coordinator within the leading institution ENEA, will represent the project in a series of conferences and events related to environmental risk assessment of genetically modified crops issues.

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AMIGA partners in Madrid for the third project meeting

On the 22nd – 23rd of October, the AMIGA consortium gathered in Madrid for the joint management board and technical meeting after the kick off meeting that took place in December 2011 in Matera at ENEA’s premises. This meeting was hosted by Dr Cristina Chueca from INIA (The National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology and agrifood research in Spain).

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Il Progetto AMIGA guidato da Enea riceve il via libera alla sperimentazione sulle patate GM in Irlanda

Lo scorso 26 luglio l’Agenzia ambientale irlandese (EPA) ha concesso a Teagasc (l’Autorità Agricola e di Sviluppo Alimentare di Dublino, Irlanda) la licenza per testare su campo una coltivazione di patate OGM (Geneticamente Modificate) con lo scopo di determinare gli impatti ambientali che questa tecnologia potrebbe avere sulla biodiversità del suolo e dell’artropodofauna legata alla pianta nel sito irlandese.

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EPA gives license to Teagasc for GM potato field trials

EPA gives its approval to Teagasc to carry out its GM potato field test within the framework of the AMIGA project funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7th

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Teagasc applying to field test GM potatoes as part of EU Research Study

Teagasc are applying to the EPA for a licence to undertake a series of field studies using GM potatoes resistant to potato late blight disease to determine the potential impact this technology could have on our ecosystems.

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The nativity of AMIGA project

On the 12th and 13th of December 2011, the consortium forming AMIGA project has gathered in the marvellous scenery of the “city of stones”, as Matera, Italy, is called.

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Il Centro Ricerche ENEA della Trisaia punto di riferimento internazionale per valutazione e monitoraggio degli OGM

Oggi a Matera prende ufficialmente il via, con il primo meeting tra i partner, il progetto di ricerca internazionale AMIGA (Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically Modified Plants on Agro-ecosystems) sulla valutazione ed il monitoraggio delle piante geneticamente modificate sull’agroecosistema.

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Evaluating the impacts of GM crops in the EU: AMIGA project is launched!

AMIGA «Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of Genetically modified plants (GMPs) on Agro-ecosystems» is a newly started EU project, funded by the FP7, aiming at producing scientific data related to the possible environmental and economic impacts of cultivation of GMPs that are relevant to European environments. Launched on the 1st of December 2011, AMIGA project will run for 4 years, until the end of 2015.

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