GEOSYS is an international private company (SME) based in Toulouse, France, with a team of 35 full time employees and sales offices located in the United States and in Australia.
For the past 25 years, GEOSYS has worked to develop agricultural performance on all five continents, by supplying innovative solutions to the actors of agri-business in order to optimize resources, improve yields and reduce hazards.
Dedicated to develop and provide decision support tools to the agriculture, agribusiness, and rural areas decision makers, GEOSYS designs innovative decision making assistance based on satellite imagery, geographic information systems, the latest results of agronomic research, and the Internet.
It provides its services worldwide to its customers, whether farmers, farmer’s advisors, international agribusiness leaders, governments, international organisations and research centres. Key services are FarmSat™ (a web based decision support tool to help farmers and crop advisors build variable rate prescription maps for fertilizers and chemicals), AgriQuest™ (an Internet based worldwide crop condition monitoring tool), and Cartagri™ (a comprehensive system to manage field related information and decisions as part of sophisticated production and environment constraints).


GEOSYS will be in charge of the elaboration of Amiga databases relating to receiving environments, farming systems, management practices and NTOs/weeds distribution (WP3); design of a prototype of a GIS-based monitoring system including exposure models (WP7). For these two roles, GEOSYS will participate in the design, build, prototype test, support, and conclusions phases. GEOSYS will therefore contribute to WP3 and 7.

Staff members’ profile

Damien Lepoutre is president and CEO of GEOSYS. He is an agronomist, with an MBA he obtained later in his career. He started in Remote Sensing in NFAP, a joint NASA – USDA/FS program, in Houston, TX, USA in the early 1980’s. He then worked in the IT department of the French Ministry of Agriculture to develop software to advice growers on when and how to apply chemicals. In 1983 he started and managed the Remote Sensing and GIS lab of the French Ministry of Agriculture in CEMAGREF. Damien Lepoutre then founded GEOSYS in 1987 to better serve the agribusiness and the growers. He consults with numerous organizations as he is a good link between R&D, information technologies, and agriculture development and management.

Lénaïc Grignard is in charge of Research & Innovation at GEOSYS. She is an agronomist and started her career in GEOSYS supporting and then being in charge of development of the AgriQuest™ Internet based worldwide crop condition monitoring system that is now being extensively used by key decision makers, either Governments, stakeholders on commodities markets, Insurers and agribusinesses. She then managed the development of the Wheat chemicals use Decision Support tools for Bayer Crop Science, before managing the R&I department.