University of Reading

The University of Reading

The University of Reading is a research intensive Higher Education Institute located in the South of England. Reading’s AMIGA project team will be led from within the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development which is internationally recognised for its research and teaching in agriculture and related disciplines. The School’s current relevant research work extends over a wide range of major agricultural, food chain and environmental issues in the UK, the European Community and worldwide. This includes EU projects relating to rural development, development of the organic sector, CAP reform, agri-environmental scheme evaluation and a range of UK based projects sponsored by various bodies including UK-Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Staff members’ profile

The Reading team will be led by Professor Julian Park who is a systems researcher with experience in agricultural, economic and environmental research and the assessment of agricultural change at farm and landscape levels.

Other member of the Reading team include Dr Graziano Ceddia who specialises in applied economics research with specific expertise in environmental and resource economics and optimal control theory. Dr Ian McFarlane is an agricultural economist.